This is an introduction to the activities of my real project “PoliPro” at KMD. I work in three areas: Incubation, PoPTech and Social.



■Learning of Tomorrow

The Association “Learning of Tomorrow”, an organization that promotes the convergence of education and technology, is an all-star association of more than 30 digital trade associations in IT, software and content. The association has 8,000 member companies. Keidanren (Japan Business Federation), Shin Keidanren (Japan Business Federation), the Japan Federation of IT Organizations, the Intellectual Property Division of the Cabinet Office, and the IT Strategy Office of the Cabinet Secretariat also participate as observers.

・Interacademic Esports Education

Co-founded Interacademic Esports Education with the Japan e-Sports Union (JeSU), which is a community and liaison organization that aims to provide educational opportunities through eSports. A community working group was created with universities, vocational schools, technical colleges, high schools, junior high schools, and elementary schools who are interested in introducing eSports into education. The organization is engaged in creating, delivering and certifying co-curricular, conducting research and obtaining evidence on the educational effectiveness of e-sports, and working to revitalize club activities.

・Meta University

” Meta University” taught by leading Japanese instructors, provides essential knowledge for the next generation of management in areas such as AI, IoT, big data, security, design thinking and innovation management.

・Meta Entrepreneurship School

・Working Groups

Activities to promote the introduction of AI, VR, IoT, blockchain, cloud, 5G, copyright and other advanced technologies into education have begun, and various working groups have been established.


■Digital Kids/CANVAS

・Workshop Collection

Workshop Collection is the world’s largest creative event for children, with 100,000 visitors participating over two days at most. The event has spread to various locations including Fukuoka, Sendai, Kyoto and Osaka.

・Online Workshop Collection

Online workshop collection, which initiated this year is a project that assembles online workshops. The project aims to promote and develop online creative workshops that stimulate children’s creativity and expressivity.

・The Kids Creative Institute

The Kids Creative Institute offers programs that are co-designed and co-developed with artists and professionals that nurture children’s creativity and expressivity on a variety of themes.

・CS for ALL

CS for All built an industry-government-academia platform to disseminate programming education and are holding events such as Japan Junior Programming Challenge.


The project assembles experiences focused on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering Art and Mathematics) education and aims to bring new forms of learning to as many children as possible through a variety of hands-on exhibits, events, and shows, in addition to workshops.


■Digital Ehon

・Digital Children’s Book Fair

Digital Children’s Book Fair is the world’s first digital book fair that collects “Digital Ehon” from around the world. “Digital Ehon” refers to children’s picture books and books on new devices including tablets, e-book readers, electronic blackboards, signage and smartphones and other digital expressions. The book fair aims to promote Digital Ehon and exhibits more than 700 titles from 52 countries.

・Digital Ehon Award

The Digital Ehon Award, which is held since 2011 aims to explore and develop new methods of digital expression while searching for new possibilities for Digital Ehon. Last year, we received a record number of entries from 34 countries.


■Cip Fund

We launched the CiP fund and started supporting entrepreneurs. The foundation for matching funders and entrepreneurs will be in place. We are already working on several investment projects. We are collaborating with the government and Cool Japan Organization.




CiP is engaged in developing a Special Zone of industrial cluster dedicated to digital & contents in Minato-ku, Tokyo. The project aims to build a “Pop & Tech” city. Pop& Tech Special Zone CiP.

General Incorporated Association CiP was established and is working towards the opening of the city in FY2020. Sixty companies and organizations from communications, broadcasting, IT, music, animation, games, comedy, advertising, trading companies, VCs, schools, etc. are participating in the project, and cooperating with the government including the Cabinet Secretariat, the Cabinet Office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

The project is accredited National Strategic Special Zone by the Prime Minister and is currently building a testbed. Projects such as the Artist Commons, Signage Experiment and the World Otaku Research Institute are already underway.



The City Tech Committee (CT Committee) was established to implement advanced technologies in Takeshiba. Robot, AI, IoT, 5G, 8K. Participants include the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, telecom carriers, telecom manufacturers, automakers, software, real estate, construction, Keio University, the University of Tokyo, the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), the Institute for Video Distribution, and the IPDC Forum. Participation of other organizations such as the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and RIKEN are underway.


■Station AI

We are cooperating with Aichi Prefecture, which is planning to establish an incubation center to generate innovation by fusing manufacturing technology and startup ideas, by conducting research on the hardware and software required for the incubation center and holding events to build momentum by connecting companies, universities, economic organizations and startups in the prefecture.


■The World Otaku Institute

The World Otaku Research Institute, which was established in cooperation with IOEA (International Otaku Event Association) and CiP aims to establish an ultimate community of researchers who will become the force in each country. The institute is supported by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.


■Superhuman Sports

Superhuman Sports aims to develop a new sport that fuses technology with the human body. The organization is developing and promoting the new sport in preparation for the World Superhuman Sports Games in 2020.


■Artist Commons

In August 2019, eight music and entertainment-related organizations and two companies established Artist Commons, a general incorporated association. They give artists unique IDs (AC-IDs) and promote the coordination of information on content, goods, and live performances. Using this system, a trial service is currently underway to provide performance ticket information in conjunction with the internet radio service “radiko” and plans to start providing official photos and profiles of artists on a trial basis from August 2020. Artist Common is based in CiP Special Zone.


■Sync Music

SYNC Network Japan is an organization that specializes in agency functions that aim to promote the global development of Japanese contents. SYNC Network Japan is developing networks between various artists, music contents and companies in Japan who are seeking to expand overseas with global partners.


■Digital Signage Consortium

Digital Signage Consortium has been established for 11 years.

Developing signage for multilingual disaster prevention and hospitality is set as a national agenda for 2020, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications 2020 ICT Conference is developing relevant policies. Digital Signage Consortium is pressing forward this movement.



IPDC (Internet Protocol Datacast) technology enables information and content to be delivered to IoT devices over airwaves. IPDC is currently obtaining the V-High Experimental Station broadcast license under the IPDC Forum and planning to conduct a media-fusion experiment in the CiP Special Zone this year.


■Anime Manga Business

“Anime Business Partner Forum” organized by the Association of Japanese Animations. This organization is supporting the animation and contents sectors to develop a partner business, and is also involved in establishing training curriculum with creators, educational institutions, and related industries in cooperation with the Anime and Manga Human Resources Development Project by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.



■Social Creation

This project aims to generate and implement ideas to solve a variety of issues in society creatively.


■Change Tomorrow

Music, geeks, business, superhero sports, e-sports, kids, and technology. We hope to eventually grow the event to surpass SXSW and Ars Electronica.


■Medical data distribution

The project aims to give back electronic medical record data and order data (Electric Health Record(EHR)) accumulated in hospitals to individuals, build a platform to distribute the data by linking with the PHR (Personal Health Record), and create new businesses and promote health on the platform.

In particular, in cooperation with the Regional Next-Generation Healthcare Infrastructure Research Council (Hata Medical Association, Sukumo City, CiP Council, etc.), the organization is working towards adding the PHR functions to “”, which is an EHR developed with the Hata Medical Association and cultivate a platform in an advanced aging area, Hata region in Kochi prefecture.