No.1  Digital creativity

This session will look at the economic and cultural activities aimed at developing creativity in the digital society and will outline how to develop content, public services, business, non-profit and corporate consortiums, and other projects. 

No.2  IT policy basic (Mr.Taniwaki)

This session will focus on the policy frameworks of telecommunications, broadcasting, and internet security. We will discuss the potential of big data utilization from a variety of perspectives in an era when the application of information resources is a key factor for economic growth.

No.3  The “Cool Japan” Policy

In this session, we invite Mr. Kato from the Cool Japan Fund as a guest lecturer to discuss various issues related to content investment and the “Cool Japan” policy.

No.4  Content Policy (Part 1)

In this session, we invite Associate Professor Sakai from iU as a guest lecturer to discuss various issues related to content policies of the 21st century, including Japanese social theory, as well as idols and the otaku culture.

No.5  Media Policy

In this session, we invite Mr. Teshiba from Nippon TV as a guest lecturer to discuss various issues related to the media policies based on Japan’s broadcasting media initiatives including simultaneous release and the sales of overseas programs.

No.6  Content Policy (Part 2)

In this session, we invite Mr. Goto, Mr. Asai, Mr. Mizuno, and Mr. Oshino from SYNC NETWORK JAPAN as guest lecturers to discuss various issues related to Japan’s content policies including policies related to inbound and outbound tourism mediated by the global distribution of music contents.

No.7  Intellectual Property Strategies(Mr.Kikuchi and Mr.Yamada)

The objective of this session is to be able to construct perspectives on various policy issues related to intellectual property. This session will explore intellectual property policies from diversified standpoints, including the development of analytical frameworks to examine the intellectual property issues arising from digital media. In particular, through an in-depth understanding on the system of copyright law, we will discuss the modality of intellectual property policies in the ICT industry.

No.8  Digital policy

Mr. Kondo, Deputy Secretary-General of the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (APT), will give a lecture on the challenges of ICT policy in the Asia-Pacific region and outline the roles, functions, decision-making mechanisms and activities of international organizations in the area. The lecture will address case studies on how ICT can be utilized to improve social issues and the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in each country and will cover specific challenges of education, health care, poverty, agriculture, forestry and fisheries, and women’s empowerment to discuss potential projects.